Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A time of recession

We have been in a recession for a while now. This often leaves people with the feeling of anxiety and fear. Several people have lost jobs and many businesses are closing the doors. At this point it becomes personal. It is having effect on all of us.
It is easy to get caught up in the negative energy that looms and dooms around us all. It is easy to talk about the problems in the grocery line, the bank line, on the phone with friends and family. It is easy to get swept away with the negativity and the depression of what is around us. People tend to start hoarding their things and their energy. Saving everything they have for themselves and their families.
Nonetheless, it isn’t as easy to look for the positive and to reach out in a time of desperation to others. However, helping the community at large or another person in need can often help your soul in return.
As a small business owner and a single mom, things can get busy and stressful, but the ethic of volunteering in the community and teaching my son the value of giving back to the community is important. The sense of love and joy that fill our hearts with volunteering our time and energy is so rewarding. At 5 years old my son commented to me one day how much he loved feeding the homeless people. He said with a huge smile that it made him feel full of love in his heart. It touched me by how profoundly that had affected him and that moment will never be forgotten.
I was in Whole foods a couple of months ago and ran into my favorite art teacher from ASU. It had been 20 years since I had her but she still looked the exact same. I called out her name and we began to talk. It turns out she was getting let go from her position with all the layoffs going on at ASU and I offered to help her find something. A week later she started to volunteer with my business. She is hands down one of the most amazing people I have ever met and the amount of help she has given me is priceless. Her heart is filled as she feels like she is giving back and my heart is filled as I have someone miraculous in my life that is helping take my business to a whole new level. My son and I continue to volunteer and the beautiful cycle of love and joy is in all of our hearts.
This story is shared as an opportunity to make a difference in your community, especially when the chips are down and we are all fighting to keep our head above the water. This is our chance to create a cycle of love and to put the recession behind us and create something beautiful when we come together for the greater good.
Take the challenge to see where you can make a difference in the world or someone’s life and don’t be surprised if get something valuable in return.